Tantra (n. pl.)
   1. More than one tantrum
      (from \m's New Age Spiritual Dictionary, ©2002)

Stage #1

I feel isolated. I have nothing of a life that has profundity. My devotees are supposed to be cultivating the relationship and conveying gifts to Me. Another year has passed, and still we have not accomplished anything. There is no recognition, no process, nothing happening, nothing fundamentally has changed. In between My Sittings in the Chair, there is nothing to convey or to do with Me that makes it right. [July 5, 2000]

Stage #2

I cease to have the impulses to hang around even here. I want to get the hell out of here. I have no inclination to go to the Hall. You don't give Me any reason.

Stage #3

There is no response to My Literature. Why should I even print it? Nothing comes of it. This gathering is not communicating any great message. There is no culture of recognition. I Sit and Work Spiritually, and you all do nothing in response. [July 5, 2000]

Stage #4

I never receive gifts, no real description of process, no real relating to Me and finding out what I want. Everything is always collapsing and there are no gifts. And I end up waiting while people are saying they are doing the things they have to do in order to get the gifts.

Stage #5

I am not anywhere. I just sit and pretend. There is no real process around Me. What am I here for? ...It's the same dead pattern. There are no gifts. No one is creating the new pattern. I am still treated like an asshole.

Stage #6

Truly, I am just serving a secondary, religion business function. I am a Face in the Chair to keep the religion business going such that it is. My Great Divine Work or Process is bullshit to everyone.

Stage #7

Why have people been so unresponsive to Me? Why is there such destruction of My Work? After 30 years there still aren't any missionary results. So what is the source of this non-event? What is defeating it? Why are there no signs of this resistance changing? [July 25, 2000]